The Importance of Training Partners

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“Iron sharpens Iron.”

Why did most of us join Dynasty?

Perhaps at first, we wanted to look and feel a little better. Maybe learn a new skill? Try something new because we were so sick of our monotonous Globoobo gym days. Remember those days? Go into the gym and nod at the receptionist. Get changed in the busy but silent locker room. Head to the treadmill to slowly plod along to the same music before sneaking into the weight room to do some curls and maybe a quarter squat or two. Not only was it boring, but oddly lonely too.

Then Dynasty came along. New skills, a lot of variations in the programming (and the music too), and the people are friendly. There lies the major difference and reason most of us stay, the people. Have you noticed that you push yourself harder when you are with others than on your own? That competitive atmosphere drives you to be better.

Training partners are vital to progression. Not only can a good training partner make your sessions more bearable, they also give you someone to be accountable to on those days when your bed is far more inviting than the gym. Training partners will keep you motivated when you are tired and burned out. They will push you every day whether they are better than you are or right behind you. The mere fact of having another person in the gym with you will automatically push you harder than training solo. A good group of training partners can take you from a good athlete to a great one.

If you need an example of what to look for think about the Dynasty love triangle. Coach Taiters, Coach Lukas, and Big Max. Over the past few months, these three have trained together almost every day. They compete with one another, each individual pushes that bit harder, and they never let each other down. Their performances have improved day by day with numerous PRs and consistency at high percentages. This is an example of perfect training partners.

Training partners do not have to be equal levels of fitness. The people you train with should be at your level or better, they need to have something you do not and vice versa. Maybe you are amazing at gymnastics but you suck at strength. Find someone who is strong where you are weak because that will drive you to improve.

Training partners will help you bring appropriate intensity to your sessions also. Not every day is 100% effort, some sessions are 70% or less. Training partners can keep you on the right track and ensure you do not overdo it or, on the other hand, ensure you do not sandbag the session.

At Dynasty, you train with a variety of people. Some are better, some are at your level, and others are new. This kaleidoscope of different people and talents is exactly what is needed for you to improve. If you want to take it further, gather a group of people and make sure you are in the same class. This way you will motivate each other and push one another in each session.

So, what are you waiting for? Get training.


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