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We just want to reintroduce the team that is back currently. We hope to add our full roster back as soon as possible. In the meantime get to know our coaches! Don’t be shy if you see us around say hi! If you want to talk more with us about training we would be happy to help.


Director of Fitness, coach 

Full name – Tafadzwa Mushandu

Nick name- Taf

Hometown- Harare Zimbabwe

Certifications – CF Level 2, Aerobic Capacity, Judges Course

Present career/education -NYIT MBA 

Rate 1-5, 1 is highest priority:

Coffee -3

Sushi -5

Tacos -4

Pizza -1

Doughnuts -2

Specialty- Aerobic Capacity

Fitness coach

Full name – Maxwell Hollingworth

Nick name – Max

Hometown – Coquitlam, BC

Certifications – CrossFit Level 1

Sports/Athletic Background – Played tons of sports growing up but did some cool things with baseball and played at the university and international level.

Previous career(if any) – None!

Present career/education – QA Engineer and CrossFit Coach at Dynasty

Rate 1-5, 1 is highest priority:

Coffee – 1

Sushi – 5

Tacos – 4

Pizza – 2

Doughnuts – 3

Specialty- Gymnastics

Personal Trainer, Weightlifting coach 

Full name – Brendan Takata

Nick name- ’Taks’, ‘BTak’ or ‘Charlie Hustle’

Hometown- Born in Toronto, raised in Ladner BC

Certifications -UBC Bachelor’s in Human Kinetics – Exercise Science // NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist // BC Association of Kinesiologists – Practicing Member // USA Weightlifting – Lvl 2 Coach // Precision Nutrition – Lvl 1 Coach // Functional Range Conditioning – Movement Specialist (FRCms) // Agatsu Kettlebell Lvl 1 

Previous career(if any) – 

Present career/education – Personal Training, Dad

Rate 1-5, 1 is highest priority:

Coffee – 2

Sushi – 1

Tacos – 3

Pizza – 4

Doughnuts  5

It’s impossible to choose between these four. Sushi, tacos, coffee and pizza are all necessary elements of my existence and my enjoyment of that existence. *While absent from this list, ramen and cheese should also be recognized as foods worthy of recognition. 

Weightlifting coach

Full name: Richard Kam

Nick name: richkoly

Hometown: Vancouver 

Certifications: Nccp weightlifting competition coach

Athletic/sport background: hockey, boxing, Crossfit (Regionals athlete 2012)

Present career/education: Dynasty Owner, Firefighter

Rate 1-5, 1 is highest priority:

Coffee 1

Sushi 2

Tacos 3

Pizza 5

Doughnuts  4

You’ve seen Coach Rich on deck during the Olympic Weightlifting classes and handling the big picture business dealings with both Vancouver + Burnaby locations. He is the energy behind the special projects, social media and community engagement ideas that makes our Dynasty fam so special! We are lucky to have him building this community 

Specialty- Weightlifting

Fitness coach, personal trainer (Burnaby)

Full Name: Jonathan Muller

Nickname: Big Jon or QUADZILLA… okay, only I call myself that

Hometown: Vancouver

Certifications: ACE Certified PT, CF-L1, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, Triggerpoint Therapy Certified, Percussive Fascial Release Certified, TRX Suspension Trainer-L1

Sports and athletic background: 3 Years Competitive Powerlifting, 3 Years Varsity Football, 2 Years Junior Wresting

Former career: Professional Singer! I have 2 CD’s and a few singles released in the dark corners of the web. My band used to play a lot of gigs around the downtown Vancouver area including Guilt & Co, The Belmont, and Khatsalano music fest!

Current career: Strength Coach here at Dynasty!

I have a degree in Jazz Studies and Music Ed, but prefer creating sweet music with the clanging of barbells instead.

1. Coffee 

2. Sushi

3. Tacos

4. Doughnuts 

5. Pizza

Coach Jon heads up our Burnaby StrongFit and Daily Dose classes every Wednesday and Friday 6:30/7:30am. You see him in the gym all throughout the week doing a multitude of personal training sessions as well, next time you see him make him serenade you!

Specialty- strength and functional movement 

Fitness Coach

Full Name: Maria Carmina Anna T. Calupitan 

Nickname: Mina 

Hometown: Manila/Toronto, now Vancouver 

Certifications: CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Football/Sports Specific Application, CF L1 Weightlifting, CF Aerobic Capacity, Dynasty L1 Weightlifting

Certified Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Trainer MobilityWod Functional Training for Adaptive Athletes

Sports & Exercise Nutrition / Precision Nutrition L1(anticipated certification)

Previous Career: Special education/ Early Intervention Childhood Education, Coached in CFMNL (Manila), Tidal Crossfit (Toronto), Create Crossfit (Maple Ridge), Makers Body Crossfit / Crossfit Lions East (North Van), CFK (Kitsilano), Dynasty Gym

Current Career: Dynasty Owner & Manager, Crossfit trainer, Lululemon 

Sports/Athletic background: HS Varsity basketball, Univ. Varsity Soccer, Phil National Football team and National Rugby team, CF Pacific Regionals 2015 (team), an occasional reluctant half marathon.. now its mostly lifting, yoga, napping.

Rate 1-5, 1 is highest priority:

Coffee -1

Sushi – 2

Doughnuts – 3

Tacos – 4

Pizza – 5

Specialty- Adaptive Movement

Weightlifting and fitness coach, personal trainer

Full name – Thea Lund

Nick name- “T”

Hometown- Calgary!

Certifications – CrossFit Level 1 and Dynasty Weightlifting

Previous career(if any) – Dancer and Social Media Coordinator

Present career/education – Currently a Coach, writer and weightlifting athlete!

Rate 1-5, 1 is highest priority:

Coffee 1

Sushi 4

Tacos 3

Pizza 2

Doughnuts 5

Specialty- weightlifting 

Weightlifting coach

Full name: Patrick Vuong

Nick name: Phatty

Hometown: Vancouver

Certifications: NCCP Weightlifting Competition-Development Coach, CrossFit Level 1, BCRPA Personal Trainer, CSEP CPT, Precision Nutrition L1 (In Training)

Athletic/sport background

Present career/education: Dynasty Owner, Business Development, Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Rate 1-5, 1 is highest priority:

Coffee -1

Sushi – 4

Tacos – 5

Pizza – 2

Doughnuts – 3

Coach Patrick is the mad scientist behind your Olympic Weightlifting programs and gross accessory work in the gym. New daddy to Paxton, big daddy to all of us at Dynasty. You can always catch him on deck at the Van + Bby Olympic weightlifting classes guiding you to PRs and better technique!

Coach Phatty’s question of the day: 

“I judge someone by their top 5 favourite movies and top 5 Kanye West songs.”

Specialty- Weightlifting 

Personal trainer

Meet Coach Karan!

Full name – Karan Motagi

Nick name- Karan

Hometown- India

Certifications – Mobility/WOD Movement & Mobility, Ma Strength Chinese Weightlifting, CanFitPro personal trainer

Previous career(if any) – Lawyer

Present career/education – Personal Training specialising in movement, mobility and olympic weightlifting/ Certified Personal Trainer

Rate 1-5, 1 is highest priority:

Coffee 2

Sushi 5

Tacos 3

Pizza 1

Doughnuts 4

Coach Karan is offering Personal Training sessions for movement, injury and mobility   Issues. You will see him at both Vancouver and Burnaby locations so stop and chat with him or send him an email to book a free assessment if you have any nagging aches, tweaks and mobility concerns. 

Specialty- Functional assessment correction

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