Remote Coaching

Not in the Vancouver area but looking to take your training to the next level? Dynasty trainers coach athletes around the globe. We have various plans to suit your needs and schedule.

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Online “One on One” Coaching

per hour

We offer online “One on One” Zoom coaching. Zoom “One on One” sessions are 60 min and tailored to the athlete’s individual goals. Suitable for all skill levels. *This is “one on one” training and only available to a single participant per session.

We suggest the following:

  • High speed and stable internet connection.
  • Validate Zoom requirements prior to session.
  • The training environment has adequate lighting.
  • Enough space to rotate the camera into various positions.
  • The use of a tripod that can at a minimum be raised to waist height.
  • Wireless earbuds that will remain in use during the entire session.

Remote Training and Video Analysis

per month

Not local? We offer remote coaching, individualized programming and video analysis.
Our remote program is suitable for any athlete that is looking to improve technical proficiency, get stronger and dominate the competition platform.
  • Video Analysis and review, with real feedback and corrections.
  • Attentive and communicative coaches that are dedicated to the success of our remote athletes.
  • Individualized programming System complete with corrective exercises and accessory movements.
  • Easy to understand and adaptive programming.
  • Weekly training review with your coach.
  • No cost for competition meet coaching that is attended by the Dynasty Weightlifting Coaching Team. (T&E not included)

Custom Individualized Programming

per month

Our custom programs are engineered to meet your training and competitive goals. Our custom individualized  program gets you monthly access to a Dynasty Weightlifting coach to discuss progress.
  • 3-6 day a week plans available
  • Ideal for athletes that cannot train with the Dynasty Weightlifting team or those that wish to train independently without a coach.