1. PURCHASE If you’re new to CrossFit, your first step is to enroll in our Foundations program. If you have 3 or more months of experience, you can skip ahead to our pricing options.

2. CONSULTATION If you’d like more information about CrossFit or Dynasty Gym, sign up for a free in-person consultation to get a firsthand experience.

3. FOUNDATIONS Before you join regular classes, newcomers go through our Foundations program.

REGISTER NOW FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION Feel free to ask any questions, visit our gym in person, and get a taste of the Dynasty Gym experience.

WHAT IS FOUNDATIONS? WHY DO I NEED IT? As you prepare to embark on your CrossFit journey, the initial step is to ensure you’re ready for classes. During our Foundations program, we’ll work one-on-one with you to teach you all the technical movements necessary for joining classes. This guarantees your knowledge of safe movement techniques, the purpose behind each movement, and the formation of excellent habits for long-term success.

Foundations Pricing:

  • Vancouver: $540
  • Burnaby: $399
  • Couples/Tandem/Pairs doing 2 on 1 Foundations get a discount