Olympic Weightlifting

Dynasty Weightlifting is the largest weightlifting club in BC. With over 50 registered athletes and 8 nationally qualified lifters in our club, our methodologies are adapted and developed from the most tried and true strength systems in history.

We take a holistic approach to weightlifting.

We’ve built a system that focuses on long term athletic development of our athletes. We believe in teaching the fundamentals first and instilling sound practice habits before progressing on to heavier loads. Our system borrows from the best practices the Russians, Bulgarians, Chinese, and other strength experts throughout history did best.

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Try raising a sail on a rocking boat. It is much easier to lift on solid ground. You do not want your feet to rock forward or back. Find balance throughout the first pull, second pull, and pull under. It all starts with balance in the feet.


Weightlifting is a practice of patience. Rush a lift and you may miss. Optimal focus or ‘flow’ is the key to success.


Weightlifting is a speed-strength sport. It is very fast and explosive, however, that does not mean one should rush the lifts. If you do, it’s a recipe for failure. Finish each segment of each lift and fully as possible. It ain’t over till you hear the bell.


Timing of your feet and your hands. Timing of your legs and your back. Timing of your lock out and receiving. Proper sequential, synchronized, and symmetrical timing is everything.


The penultimate pillar that underlies the other four is serenity. You must remain tranquil in order to maximize your strength and power. Too anxious and you will rush and miss a lift. Too calm and you may not have the adrenaline to lift at your potential. Like every other sport, learning to control your nerves is the most important facet of this sport.


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