Patrick Vuong


What's the most important thing today? 'Having fun?' 'No!' In the words of Patrick himself, 'Making weight' Primarily helping people move better, build strength, and become more Kanye-er (whatever that means), Patrick is a leader in the fitness industry on advancing the education of Olympic Weightlifting.

Richard Kam


A nationally qualified athlete in Olympic Weightlifting, Richard is the co-owner of Dynasty Gym, and is certainly not your average meathead. A self-professed whisky connoisseur and race car enthusiast, Richard helps men and women build not only their strength through Olympic Weightlifting, but their trophy case as well.

Andy 'Taiters' Tait

CrossFit Coach

Originally hailing from England, Taiters dabbles in CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Boxing. With a doctorate in British Vernacular, Andy specializes in energizing classes and helping his athletes step it up a notch.

Andy Siy

Weightlifting Coach

If you want to expand your exercise repertoire, learn how to throw a frisbee, or not be able to walk for 4 days after one of Andy’s sessions, you need pay attention to Andy. One of the quiet leaders in educating the strength and functional fitness world, Andy knows what he’s talking about, and has the chops to back it up.

Matt Roland

Weightlifting & Strength Coach

Matt is a strength and conditioning coach, weightlifting coach and overall strength training enthusiast. He's been coaching for six years and has been resistance training for about the same. He's passionate about helping people achieve far greater feats than they could ever imagine. Matt believes a strong body and mind are key to a successful life inside and outside the gym.

Thea Lund

Weightlifting & CrossFit Coach

Loud, energetic and always busting out dance moves, Coach Thea is a national-level weightlifter having qualified and competed in multiple national, western and provincial competitions. She is ranked 2nd in BC and earned a silver medal in the 59kg weightclass at the 2019 Senior Canadian Weightlifting Nationals. Whether she’s coaching CrossFit, Weightlifting or her Mobility classes, she brings her passion and wealth of knowledge to every session to help members better themselves through movement.

Tafadzwa 'Taf' Mushandu

CrossFit Coach

Coach Taf has been coaching for 5 years and specializes in moving heavy weight, shorter time domain metcons and pacing. He is passionate about being the best version of himself as a coach and athlete—as well as helping others mentally and physically. His favorite quote comes from Martin Luther King Jr.: "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

Max Hollingworth

CrossFit Coach

High-level athlete, bodybuilder and now exercise-racing enthusiast, Max has experienced it all in the fitness world. He is looking forward to competing more in the future and is always happy to share what he's learned through his past experiences.

Abe De Ramos

CrossFit Coach

A healthy lifestyle has been one of the important pillars in Abe's life. He has competed in different sports at the highest level he could achieve. He has coached children, teenagers, and adults in Mixed Martial Arts, Basketball, and CrossFit. His classes emphasize quality movement to prevent injury and promote fitness longevity.

Jenny Tilbury

CrossFit Coach

She practices what she preaches folks! A dedicated Crossfitter since 2017 and a mother to a little girl, Jenny has turned her love of functional fitness into her career. A CF-Level 1 and personal trainer, you're guaranteed a fun hour jammed packed with skills and challenging workouts delivered with passionate enthusiasm, oh and there will always be ABS!

Brendan Takata

Personal Trainer, Weightlifting Coach

Bio Coming Soon!

James 'Swag' Cabusao

Weightlifting Coach

James graduated from SFU in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, with a Kinesiology Minor. He went on to attend the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. James is a 4-time national level Olympic weightlifter, where he has represented Team B.C. at the Western Canadian Weightlifting Championships and the Canadian Senior Weightlifting Championships.